Adire shirt

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MAL 002_676D
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Adire shirt
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Adire shirt

  • Made from 100% cotton
  • availablea in different patterned designs
  • sizes: M, L, XL


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  CODE color size Price  
MAL 002
blue&white medium N5,00000
MAL 002_0386
blue&white large N5,00000
MAL 002_F26C
blue&white xlage N5,00000
MAL 002_6777
orange&purple medium N5,00000
MAL 002_0395
orange&purple large N5,00000
MAL 002_F27A
orange&purple xlage N5,00000
MAL 002_6781
red&green medium N5,00000
MAL 002_039E
red&green large N5,00000
MAL 002_F284
red&green xlage N5,00000
MAL 002_6772
lilac medium N5,00000
MAL 002_0390
lilac large N5,00000
MAL 002_F276
lilac xlage N5,00000
MAL 002_675A
blue&black medium N5,00000
MAL 002_0381
blue&black large N5,00000
MAL 002_F267
blue&black xlage N5,00000
MAL 002_676D
green&white medium N5,00000
MAL 002_038B
green&white large N5,00000
MAL 002_F271
green&white xlage N5,00000
MAL 002_677C
purple&red medium N5,00000
MAL 002_0399
purple&red large N5,00000
MAL 002_F27F
purple&red xlage N5,00000


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