GCC takes Afrodance to Vienna

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It is no longer news that Africa is taking the world by storm!


A performance at the closing show of the Vienna Fashion Week 2018, tagged COLORS OF AFRICA, which has gone viral, affirms this fact. This performance featured the Gold Caviar Crew dancing to Mafikizolo’s Khona, bare feet, doing various Afropop dances like the shaku shakugwara gwara and the zanga steps on the runway.


The group's Instagram bio {wearegcc} describes them as “Bringing #Afrodance and Good Vibes to Vienna”. This is what Africa is. This is our reality. Showcasing our beauty and bringing positive vibes to the world. One of the ways we do this is through our music and dance.


African music tells of our rich heritage and diversity. We see this in our music composition, our varied tongue twisting lyrics, our beautiful languages, our earthy and energetic steps, our sensual hip sways and rhythms in tune with our vibrant music. In action, it is indeed breathtaking to watch; a beauty to behold. This is who we are.


Africa has come to stay.

Africa is the new cool.

Africa is the new best thing.


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